Where Can I Learn Numerology?

Where Can I Learn Numerology? - Courses and Lectures

Lee has written a course in numerology; and teaches numerology to individuals and corporate companies. It is a specially designed two-day course for a small group of beginners who would like a basic working knowledge of numerology as well as the opportunity to discover if they would like to pursue it further before committing to the complete course, both financially and time-wise.

The course is deductive and task-based rather than purely note-based, thereby allowing students to experience the numbers and explore the numerology system in a meaningful and memorable manner. In this way, students can almost immediately discuss a person's basic personality profile without having to consult notes or attend months of lectures before being capable of compiling a chart or profile.

Following the Beginner Course, an intensive Intermediate curriculum consisting of three one-day modules is offered to interested students and is followed by a one-on-one Advanced module designed for the student to become a professional personality profiler.

The overall curriculum is designed according to three competency levels, that is, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Similarly, all three courses are designed to build on each other according to three phases, that is, construction, analysis and communication of a personality profile or chart.

The Beginner course focuses primarily on the tools and techniques involved in the construction of charts. The Intermediate modules expand on the analytical skills and techniques. The Advanced module concentrates on communication of the information in a professional manner.

On request, Lee also writes articles on numerology for publication in various media and also speaks on the subject of numerology for corporate functions, lecture groups or social gatherings. This takes the form of either a presentation on numerology per se or a specially tailored speech integrating numerology with a specific subject, interest or current topic.