How Can Numerology Assist Me In My Business?

How Can Numerology Assist Me In My Business?

Whether you have an existing career, business and/or company or are thinking about starting a new one, personality profiler, Lee Thomas, can assist you in numerous ways such as choosing a suitable career path; recruiting appropriate employees; selecting a positive name for your company or brand; ameliorating a problematic company or brand name; and identifying the optimum time for expansion or downsizing.

Using numerology and personality profiling, Lee provides you with accurate self awareness and understanding, which in turn leads to greater self acceptance and self confidence. Armed with an insight into yourself, you are then able to make important decisions and choices about your life and your career. Your strengths, talents, gifts and life purpose will be identified; all of these being more meaningful indicators for a suitable career choice than your current qualifications or previous industry experience.

Numerology is also an excellent diagnostic tool for prospective employers to preview an employee's potential for a particular career or suitability for a specific position within the company prior to hiring them, thus eliminating the time-consuming and expensive method of 'trial and error'. Using numerology, all applicants' personalities can be assessed in relation to the potential relationship between them and their possible employers and team members plus evaluate their 'fit' in terms of company culture.

Although there are numerous excellent diagnostic tools and systems for personality assessment and the analysis of career suitability, numerology has six major advantages: Namely, it is unbiased, accurate, quick, efficient, eliminates 'down time' and pervasive.

A numerological personality assessment, including the report-back of the results, can take less than an hour and the prospective applicant doesn't need to participate or even be present during the assessment because the only information required for purposes of the analysis is the applicant's birth names and birth date. The assessment can take place while the applicant remains at work thereby eliminating disruptive 'down time' or loss of productivity. This also removes concerns of tester bias and the stress associated with the examination process. Furthermore, the applicant's 'fit' can be assessed in terms of company culture in general and existing team members in particular.

Most importantly and uniquely though is that a numerological assessment can preview both the current and future potential of an applicant. This reduces the disappointment and expense of investing in an applicant who further down the line will leave the company or career path to pursue other alternatives. Companies can thus make informed choices about investments in the training and development of employees based on their projected longevity and future performance potential; and not only on current conditions.

A numerological assessment of an existing team experiencing conflict reveals the harmonious and inharmonious relationship options among the various team members. Using this information, teams can be assembled or reassembled using existing team members but in different positions or alternate lines of reporting, thereby substantially reducing the need to hire and fire.

Through numerology, Lee is able to provide information and insight into human resources as well as the businesses and companies themselves. The actual name of a company not only reveals the nature of the business; it also indicates, through a vibration and energy perceived by the outside world, what the business is about, and its likelihood of profitability. Sometimes Lee may suggest a name change for a company, or an alteration to the spelling of the company's name to assist in changing that energy. And if you are thinking about starting a new business, the numerology profile she draws up with you will direct you towards selecting a prosperous name. The same can be applied to brand names.

Human relation specialists and talent managers are encouraged to enrol in Lee's numerology courses to supplement their selection skills training. The course is a three-part programme consisting of Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced modules designed to train people in personality profiling and recruitment.

Lee offers the following services for businesses:

  • Personal, private and confidential analysis for individuals on a one-to-one consultation basis
  • Confidential behind-the-scenes suitability assessments for assisting in the recruitment process
  • Guidelines on the selection or grouping of suitable teams or task forces
  • Feedback on existing teams or task forces regarding interactions, reporting structures, strengths and weaknesses
  • Career guidance and one-on-one coaching services
  • Personal, private and confidential counselling
  • Public presentations on numerology
  • Selection of company names prior to registration
  • Selection of brand names prior to registration
  • Amelioration or 'tweaking' of existing company and brand names
  • Numerology courses : Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced