JULY 2011

It’s written in the numbers.
Finding out what the future holds doesn’t have to be enveloped in mystery, says Sharon Preston, as she meets up with a numerologist.

Lee Thomas is a psychologist.  She’s also a numerologist, which is why I’m a little apprehensive about having a session with her. I have these images going through my head. She’ll have a crystal ball. And a couch. She’ll look like a gypsy. And a doctor… She’ll psychoanalyse me …
I needn’t have worried. Lee is matter of fact, businesslike and down to earth – I see no whimsy about her.  To dispel my fears, Lee explains how she works. Numerology is a science, she says, and she uses this science to uncover important facts about a person – their personality traits, gifts, talents, strengths and weaknesses. Numerology also focuses on the relationships between different numbers and how they influence our lives. Lee’s job is to show us who we are and the paths we can take to achieve what we want.
So how does she do it? Because Lee is passionate about numbers and has studied the science of numerology for many years, she doesn’t use reference books to guide her. She knows each number intimately, and how it interacts with other numbers to create a part of the whole. And by the whole I mean a person’s destiny.
I’ve been at sixes and sevens this past year, she tells me.  And she’s right.  I’ve felt out of sorts, unable to make any decisions.  But the good news is that this will change, as my seventh year ends in July 2011. As I write this, a few weeks after seeing her, I can tell you she’s correct.  Career-wise and personally, my life changed dramatically in May.  Lee believes that knowing who you are is fundamental to dealing with your life.  Once we embrace our true selves, she says, we can better tackle life and its challenges.


To work this out, Lee takes one’s birth date and the name we were born with, and works out a personalised set of numbers that give her an insight into who we are, where we are going, and what choices we have in getting there.  Of course, if it’s a business, she works it out based on the name of the business and the date when it opened.  There’s always a hidden number somewhere that will help reveal whatever truth we’re trying to find.
Lee spends a few minutes writing on a sheet of paper, and then she tells me about myself.  My life purpose is a number 4, she says, and explains my personality type. I am orderly, precise, reliable, dependable, honest and trustworthy.  I’m tenacious and hard working and have unstoppable energy. I agree with most of what she says.  But it doesn’t stop there.  She discusses other numbers with me – my inner self is a number three, while my outer self is eight, my destiny is eleven and my power and maturity number is a six. She explains every aspect in great detail, and I studiously write it all down.
She surprises me by picking up, through numbers, events that have happened in my life. She pinpoints the years I was married right up to the day I got divorced. She asks me about another year in my life, which was when my father died. And then she fills me in on what to expect in 2011. 
I’m not designed to be on my own, she tells me, it’s completely out of character for me.  I have to stop seeing myself as alone, despite having been divorced for the past 15 years.  To help me get there, she suggests I decorate my home with lots of collections in pairs – two of everything, not one.  And for abundance, which I can have, I need to put out bowls of white and gold in complete circles – lemons, yellow apples and oranges.
Lee doesn’t give me a clear cut idea of what will happen to me day by day, or year by year. But what she does is guide me, and tell me about warning signs to look out for. She explains what I’m doing to obstruct good fortune and how changing my attitude about certain aspects will change my life.
She’s edging me in the right direction, showing me gently what to do to make the most of my life.  Two hours later, we hug when I leave. I feel as if I’ve found a long-lost friend. What I have found, of course, is enlightenment plus someone who I can relate to, who has helped me realise certain things about myself.
When I re-read my notes, I see a clearer picture unfolding. Will I follow her advice? I’m not sure yet. But if you ask Lee, she’ll do a few calculations. And then she’ll tell you the answer.