Who Is Lee Thomas?

Lee Thomas - Numerology Expert

Numerology and the study of numbers have been Lee Thomas' life work. Through her consultations with people, Lee facilitates us in gaining accurate self knowledge; in embracing ourselves 'warts and all'; and in trusting ourselves enough to be able to control our own destinies.

Everything in the universe is energy, and numerology with its numeric system is used to measure this energy. Numerology was developed by the mathematician Pythagoras, and that is why Lee is prepared to practice it. It is accountable, can be replicated and works for everybody.

Lee likens her consultations to peeling an onion. Similarly, a consultation may involve shedding tears, but also lets you shed those layers of protection and defensiveness to reveal your true potential. Numerology reveals the keys to unlocking your past, present and future, through two very important sets of numbers - your birth date and birth name i.e. all the names you were given at birth.

Through studying numbers and numerology, Lee believes in the correlation between numbers and the world around us. If you grasp the numbers of any system, patterns emerge. And in turn, these patterns reveal meaning.

Lee's work has involved researching how to use numbers as the language of human nature. Through numerology she has found answers to the questions people are always asking - "Who am I?"; "Why am I here?"; "What should I be doing?"; "Where am I going?"; "When will I get there?"; "What's stopping me?"; and "With whom am I sharing my life?"

Numerology is a wonderful tool for understanding yourself. It's accessible, accurate and efficient, whereas psychology is often maligned by its protracted process, self limiting labels and feelings of being judged. Numerology is a penetrating and powerful tool and yet simultaneously a compassionate and tolerant vehicle for gaining understanding of yourself, and the significant people in your life.

Preferring to call herself a personality profiler to a numerologist, Lee combines her clinical psychology studies with numerology. By blending these two modalities, Lee has been able to come up with a specialised method of assisting people in managing their challenges and need for self knowledge, for both corporate companies and private individuals.

Based in Sandton, at the offices of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Centre, Lee also regularly travels to Cape Town to consult to clients there; and also provides telephone consultations for her international clients.

With a BA degree majoring in English Literature and Clinical Psychology, as well as post-graduate qualifications in Education, Public Relations and Marketing, not to mention her numerology expertise developed after studying the subject for the past 20 years, Lee is well versed in how to assist people understand themselves and their life purpose.

While numerology provides the system for analysis, the psychology-based counselling process facilitates the sensitive and appropriate delivery of this information. Lee's role is to allow people to reconnect with themselves and, more importantly, to accept and surrender to their true selves. In short, the process allows people to fall back in love with themselves.

Companies and individuals consult with Lee for two main reasons: crisis or curiosity. Thus delivery of the profiling information and subsequent counselling can take many forms, depending on what is required or desired. There are many layers to a journey of self discovery. It all depends on what you're looking for.