Lee Thomas Numerology Testimonials

Lee Thomas's application of Numerology to a personality and inter-person profiling tool has made a significant positive contribution to the streamlining and selection of staff for our key business units, and in dealing with sensitive change management matters from time to time.

We recommend Lee Thomas whenever and however we can so that businesses like ours can benefit from the incredible tool that Numerology is in the overall mix of assessment and decision making. We spend so much time deliberating over making the right decision and this simple process can assist in making sensible and wise decisions which have far reaching positive outcomes.

Lee Thomas is highly professional, intelligent, trustworthy and warm - an absolute pleasure to work with and a great asset for any person or business who is open enough to embrace the power of Numerology.

Lee's insights and understanding of Numerology are unsurpassed, which she infuses with a sense of fascination for the art of numbers.

Lee Thomas's level of professionalism, her integrity and guarantee of 100% confidentiality are impressive and sincere. She is able to move from operating in a corporate, education or social environment with grace and ease, thereby gaining the confidence of people at a real and personal level.

I send a great deal of clients to Lee Thomas for personal and professional advice on names, business advice, business name choices, personal profiles on clients, staff, etc. Her advice is professional and mathematical and even the left brain business person identifies with the advice and information given.

I originally consulted with Lee Thomas for a numerology reading and after meeting with her for the first time realised that she had more than just Numerology and Personality Profiling services on offer and decided to consult with her as my life coach. I am yet to meet another like her and have never in all my years of working with experts like herself seen such a talent for the work she does.

I had the pleasure of working with Lee Thomas for a number of years where she was contracted to assist with leadership development and coaching of our staff as well as key executives of client organisations. Lee is organised, efficient and willing to do whatever was needed to get a particular task finished. Because there were often last minute deadlines, her cooperative attitude and good cheer were important and appreciated by all those who worked with her.

We have found Lee to be professional, reliable and diligent in her work, and perceptive and insightful in the grasping of issues, the identification of problems, and the attention to detail in finding solutions.