The Seven Big Questions

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Personality profiler, Lee Thomas, offers a series of one-hour consultations. The singular focus of these sessions is to provide you with a comprehensive and accurate profile of yourself. By giving you a breakdown of your character, she assists you in acquiring self-knowledge and a deeper understanding of your true persona beneath the mask you show to the outside world. In this way, she helps you to accept yourself for who you really are and, more importantly, to have the courage to show this side of yourself to others. This knowledge will enable you to be your authentic self.

In turn, as your relationship with yourself deepens and becomes more realistic, your relationship with others will also improve. You will begin to understand why you respond or react to certain people in a particular way, and why you gravitate towards different types of people and choose to include or exclude them in your life's journey.

A personality profiling consultation gives you a compassionate and in-depth look into yourself. Once you have this knowledge and are able to understand and accept who you really are, you will be able to shape and manage your future. Your destiny lies in your hands and, given the right tools, you can embrace that destiny to reap the most benefits.

Lee's consultations will highlight your strengths, talents and gifts and show you where to locate your opportunities and how to express and exploit these inherent strengths, talents and gifts to your best advantage. She will pinpoint areas of your character that are undeveloped and show you how to convert and integrate these with your positive attributes.

Lee's personal view is that weaknesses are simply unacknowledged or undeveloped strengths. By focusing on your positive characteristics and by expending energy developing your positive traits to their fullest potential, the need to dwell negatively on what you're not falls away in favour of revealing what you are.

Your journey towards fulfilment on all levels commences with the remembering, recovering and revealing of who you really are. Lee's consultations are designed for you to understand that all the strengths, talents, gifts and opportunities you seek outside of yourself are already in existence within you. They simply need to be realised, in all senses of the word.

Awareness is the starting point. This is achieved through revealing, clarifying and confirming the aspects of yourself that you already know but have chosen to forget, forgo or deny. Thereafter, managing yourself, instead of seeking to eliminate or cure any weaknesses, provides the key to the healing processes.

Lee's vocation is to create the opportunity for you to know, accept and embrace yourself. In short, it helps you to fall back in love with yourself.

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Why Am I Here?

Why Am I Here?

There is an ancient legend or fairy tale that goes like this:
"Once upon a time; long, long ago when a baby was born upon the earth, it was born with total knowledge of its spiritual heritage. It could therefore remember its past lives and perceive its future. It knew why it was on the planet and what it needed to learn while it was here. And it could use all this information to understand and guide its life.

But one day, a mischievous enchantress who wanted to observe human resourcefulness, waved her magic wand and cast the following spell: "From this time hence a baby will be born in total innocence, with no recall of its past and no knowledge of its future. Instead, this information will be encoded in its birth date and birth name, thereby hidden in plain sight. There this knowledge will wait until the grown-up baby begins to pursue its journey of self-discovery, its journey into personal truth."

Even if you were to disregard this whimsical viewpoint and charming legend, numerology is an extraordinary and accessible tool for revealing your life purpose and true self. Two pieces of personal data, namely your birth name and birth date, hold the keys to discovering yourself; acknowledging your life purpose; and understanding others.

There is a correlation between numbers and the world around us. If you grasp the numbers of any system, then patterns emerge. And in turn, these patterns reveal meaning. Just as there are predictable patterns in nature, so too are there patterns in human nature.

Lee has made it her life's work to research how to use numbers as the language and deciphering tool of human nature. By blending clinical psychology, counselling and numerology, Lee has created a specialised method constructed to assist you in unlocking your life purpose and identifying your personal and relevant strengths, talents and gifts that will assist you in achieving this purpose.

Lee's consultations are designed for you to understand that all the strengths, talents, gifts and opportunities you seek outside of yourself are already in existence within you. They simply need to be realised, in all senses of the word.

To this end, Lee has designed different types of consultations ranging from simply getting to know your own unique set of attributes and those of the significant others in your life; to a deeper more detailed understanding of your unconscious motivations, wounds and weaknesses. Her series of consultations will reveal your special and specific life purpose; and how to embrace it.

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What Should I Be Doing?

What Should I Be Doing?

Your pathway or journey can be compared to staging a play. Firstly you need a script or storyline containing characters and a message; secondly you need to assemble a cast of actors to portray the characters depicted in the script; and lastly you need a stage on which the characters will present the message to an audience. The script is your soul or intention; the cast is your personality or ego; and the stage is the combined revelation of yourself to others and to yourself. It is the unification of your inner and outer selves. It is the claiming of your destiny," explains Lee.

Scripts need appropriate characters and stages. If your script is that of a pantomime, your cast will consist of children and your stage will be located in a school hall. On the other hand, if your script is a prize winning work, your cast will comprise famous actors and your stage will be a large one, located on Broadway or similar. It doesn't matter if your script is that of a pantomime or a prize winning play. What is important is the correct casting and staging of your script. It is futile for a prize winning script to be brought to life on a draughty school stage by amateur actors; and visa versa.

Similarly, if your soul intention or script is to make money, your personality or cast will be a financial persona and your stage will be the world of banking and investments. If your inner drive is to be artistic, your external characterisation will be a dancer, painter or musician and your stage will be theatres and exhibitions.

Many scripts remain hidden in bottom drawers, their message lost because the script is not brought to life through authentic casting or hiring of the appropriate stage. Thus it is vital for you to become acquainted with your soul's script and inner intention before you can become your genuine self. Personality profiling will reveal your inner drives, motivations and intentions.

Knowing yourself is the greatest gift you can have because self knowledge is empowering. When you are fully aware of your own strengths, talents and gifts, you are consistently focused, confident and at peace. Your life purpose will be obvious to you. With self knowledge comes the ability to make the appropriate choices. You are able to set realistic goals for yourself, recognise your unique talents and seize whatever opportunities come your way. You are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually at one with yourself.

Of course, the more you experience in life, the greater your knowledge of yourself and the world around you. But there is another way to find out about yourself - through numerology. Your birth date and birth name provide you with the keys to unlock a number of hidden aspects about yourself and your life, and more importantly, they enable you to understand your life purpose and potential.

Personality profiler Lee Thomas likens her method to peeling an onion. Through the process of remembering, recovering and revealing who you really are, it uncovers a multitude of aspects of your character, including your external personality and your internal motivation. It identifies your life purpose, lessons, challenges and timing. And helps you understand what to do on your path to self enlightenment.

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Where Am I Going?

Where Am I Going?

Understanding energy is essential to the understanding and positive use of numerology. Personality profiler, Lee Thomas, has therefore developed an Energy Fields Consultation.

Similar to an archaeological dig or expedition, this Energy Fields Consultation explores your past by identifying your positive, negative and destructive behaviour patterns. This process facilitates you in recognising and acknowledging self-limiting or negative behaviour patterns so that you don't need to repeat them in the future.

Both success and failure leave clues. The Energy Fields Consultation is designed to collect and correlate these clues to help you identify your successes and failures and, most importantly, which of your values, beliefs, thoughts, expectations, attitudes and actions created these. This, in turn, will enable you to start living your life in a responsive manner instead of in a reactive mode where you are sentenced to repeating the mistakes of your past.

There are nine distinct energy fields offering everyone a range of tangible events, experiences, circumstances, occurrences and incidents plus a plethora of intangible personal emotional responses to these. By experiencing these general nine energies at specific stages and for precise durations during the course of your life, you will grow and develop in accordance with your chosen life purpose.

During this hour-long Energy Fields Consultation, your past commencing from birth, your present and your future energy fields are identified according to specific ages and calendar years plus the length or duration of each energy field. Some energy fields are one year in duration whereas others last for several years. Once your ages, years and the duration of your energy cycles have been tabled, your experiences and your responses to these events are correlated to these. Then, repeating patterns of your energy fields are identified, especially upcoming ones in your future.

Armed with a complete and deep understanding of your past behaviour patterns, you will be better equipped to deal with similar energies in a positive and empowering manner, extracting only the gifts rather than the limitations. Herein lies the value of the process and consultation. Also, the process allows you to make one-year, ten-year or even one hundred-year plans. This provides you with a sense of internal security eliminating your need for or a preoccupation with an external control.

During the Energy Fields Consultation, Lee will identify your upcoming feast or famine time periods so you are fully prepared to maximise on the opportunities and offers and therefore able to minimise the effects of the trials and tribulations. In the natural cycle of life, for every Summer there needs to be a Winter, and visa versa. Thus, knowledge of the time of arrival and the duration of your personal Winter will facilitate you in your planning for this stagnant time of hibernation and lack of productivity; thereby eliminating your need to experience Winter as a negative or death-like event. Similarly, you can plan to maximise on the growth, fruition and abundance promised by your personal Summer.

The patterns revealed by your various yet distinct energy fields are unique to you; and therefore this template can be viewed as your soul's contract. Therefore, becoming conscious of your time cycles allows you to live a soul-driven rather than an ego-motivated existence. This distinction brings about an increased trust and faith in your inner self; replacing a dependency and reliance on any outer control.

Lee's Energy Fields Consultation is in-depth, intense and often extremely emotional. However, the understanding and clarity it offers you and, more importantly, the resultant growth and development it affords you will prove invaluable in accelerating your journey towards achieving your life purpose and sense of your inner compass. It is like having a 'spiritual Garmin'. The precise co-ordinates of your pathway are revealed but you are still responsible for travelling the journey in your own way.

To quote best selling author and business consultant Brian Tracy: 'Life is like a combination lock, your job is to find the right numbers, in the right order, so that you can have anything you want.'

An hour-long Energy Fields Consultation plus the written summary of your patterns from birth to 75 years of age (or older if required) will assist you in unlocking your life for yourself in a powerful, meaningful and significant way.

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When Will I Get There?

When Will I Get There?

The Personal Years / Months / Days

Timing is everything. How often have you heard the story of a man missing his scheduled plane but catching the next flight and meeting the love of his life? And how many times have you been told 'He was the right guy for me but I met him at the wrong time' as the reason given for a romance that didn't work out?

We are used to viewing time as linear and perceive our lives as a linear progression from birth to death. However, time is actually circular or cyclical; as it occurs in nature. For example, the four seasons are cyclical not linear; as is the movement of the sun and the moon. Breathing, the essence of life, is a continual cycle of in and out breaths.

Like nature, we as human beings also have distinct cycles. Our lives are an ongoing series of repeating patterns. For example, when we are born we are taken care of by our parents, followed by a time when we become parents taking care of our children and later perhaps being taken care of again by our own children. In this manner, we experience the full cycle of the entire caring experience.

According to personality profiler, Lee Thomas, once we start to recognise the particular cycles in our own lives - their commencement, closure and duration - we can work more meaningfully and positively with these cycles. We can anticipate them; allowing us to plan and manage our time and experiences.

It is like having a timing device within us that helps us to recognise and act appropriately according to the red stop signs, green robots and no entry signs along our life's pathway.

According to numerology, life is timed and progresses in a series of nine year cycles known as the Personal Years. Each year is measured according to the calendar year, that is, 1 January to 31 December, and not birthday to birthday. Each of the nine Personal Years occur in a particular sequence, from one through to nine, with each and every one of the nine years presenting distinct opportunities and challenges to ensure continual growth and progress, resulting in fulfilling outcomes. As in nature, you can't expect to reap your crop unless you have first planted and nurtured the seeds.

Of all the tools numerology offers for understanding and accepting ourselves, the Personal Years tool is the most accessible and useful. Your Personal Year is contained in your month and day of birth.

To illustrate, a person born on 1 July will be in a Personal Two Year for the duration of 2010. This is calculated as follows:
1 + 7 (July is the 7th month) + 2 + 0 + 1 + 0 (2010) = 11.
The 11 is further reduced to 2. (1 + 1 = 2).

Another example: a person born on 25 December will be in a Personal Four Year for the duration of 2010. This is calculated as follows:
2 + 5 (day) + 1 + 2 (month) + 2 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 13
This 13 is further reduced to 4. (1 + 3 = 4).

Similarly, the vibration of our months and days can also be calculated to gain maximum benefit from our time.

To calculate your Personal Month, add the actual month to your Personal Year number. For example, if you are in a Personal Four Year in the month of March (the third month), then you will be in a Personal Seven Month. (4 + 3 = 7).

To calculate your Personal Day, add the actual day to the actual month to your Personal Year number. For example, if you are in a Personal Four Year on 1 March (the third Month), then you will be in a Personal Eight Day. (4 + 1 + 3 = 8).

For easy understanding and memorising, these nine year cycles can be compared to planting, growing and reaping a field of beans. For your Personal Month and Personal Day, simply exchange the word 'year' with 'month' or 'day'.

Personal Years Analogy

Personal one year
This is a year of new beginnings, decision-making and putting things into action. It is a time to decide what you want from the future and to take action to make sure you plant the correct seeds to ensure the growth of your crop to secure that desired harvest. This is the year for planting new seeds. Decisions must be made whether you are going to plant a field of beans or a simple window box of flowers. It is a year in which you need to express yourself in an independent, pioneering and honest manner. You need to 'get real' and 'get going' about what you want from life.

Personal two year
This is a year of co-operation, negotiations, patience and sensitivity. The bean seeds that you planted are underground, hidden from view. It looks like you have been doing nothing! This is a far cry from last year when your land was a hive of activity. However, below the surface, the bean seeds are developing roots and shoots. It is incredibly active but this activity is happening below the surface and out of sight.

You will have to develop trust and faith in your belief in your bean plants even though their growth is invisible and beneath the surface. Thus, this personal year tests patience, persistence and perseverance. If you are impatient or disbelieving and dig into the ground and uncover the seeds to see whether or not they are germinating, you will compromise the entire germination process.

Your seeds also need warmth and water in order to germinate. If these elements are not freely available through sun and rain, you will then have to co-operate and negotiate with alternative warmth and water suppliers in order to ensure germination.

Due to its protracted and slow pace, you will have time to attend to the minor details and fine print. You will feel sensitive and emotional, experiencing feelings of duality. One minute you will be happy and the next moment you will feel despair. Channel this sensitivity into intuition, instincts and insights. Remain poised and dignified; don't resort to despair or depression.

Personal three year
This is a year of activity as your bean seedlings have pushed their way up through the ground surface and you can confidently spread the word that you have a bean crop on its way. It is therefore a time for making contacts through socialising, synergy and networking. Through these means you need to promote and publicise your potential harvest. Serendipity and opportunities abound.

Unlike the Personal Two Year where potential was hidden, the Personal Three Year unveils your future prospects. You need to use powers of self expression to spread the word about your produce. It is a year in which to seek the joy, humour and happiness in all situations. If there is an absence of these, your challenge is to maintain your sense of humour and to create the opportunities you desire using your imagination, lateral thinking and contacts.

Personal four year
This is a year of being practical, pragmatic and productive. It is a time for diligence, dependability and hard work. Your bean seedlings are growing and therefore need to be reinforced with support stakes. Put these in place early enough to ensure that the bean seedlings are trained, supported and strengthened for their growth to be maximised. You are developing solid frameworks and foundations for the development of your bean seedlings into bean stalks.

So too is it a time for weeding. The important task this year is to be focused enough to distinguish the weeds from the bean seedlings; and disciplined enough to complete this back-breaking task. Conscientiously keeping your head down and your mind focused on what needs to be done will reap dividends. This is not a time for speculation or deals that promise a fast return. It is a year of hard work; although you need to be careful of burn out.

Personal five year
This is a year of change, expansion and versatility. It is a time to explore new ideas, be open to opportunities and adaptable in the face of any adversity. Last year was a time to stick to the 'tried and tested', while this year is about the 'new and novel'. It is a year in which you should expect the unexpected. Be open to moments of spontaneity and serendipity. It is a sensory year so delight your senses with new sensations while remaining moderate and temperate and avoiding excess and temptations.
Travel and adventure are highlighted for the expansion of your knowledge base. While last year you needed to be focused on your bean fields, this year it is appropriate to spend some time away in the exploration and discovery of alternative markets, new techniques for harvesting beans and innovative ways of selling. Communication is critical this year. Make sure you speak to be understood.

Personal six year
This is a year for home, health and happiness. Relationships and responsibilities require your attention. Family and friends will feature prominently. It's a time to be 'up close and personal' with others and yourself. You will be required to be caring and nurturing of others but without neglecting your own needs. Emotions will run high but you will be required not to take things personally nor become 'judge and jury'.

It is not an ideal year for travel. Rather make your domestic and family life your priority. If you don't, they will become issues - your washing machine will pack up, your relationships will flounder or you may even fall ill. Your beans are beginning to grow on the stalks and the birds have noticed this too. The beans need protection from birds, pests and pestilence. Your soil may need extra nutrients and the beans might need pest sprays. If you are not home-bound these needs will go unnoticed and your crop may be compromised or even fail.

At sixes and sevens
The term 'at sixes and sevens' simply translated means to feel confused; of feeling like you are neither one thing nor another. When you are nearing the end of your Personal Six Year (October to December), you are likely to experience feelings of being 'at sixes and sevens' as you start to feel the upcoming energies of your Personal Seven Year commencing in January of the following year. This is because the Personal Six Year and the Personal Seven Year are opposing and contradictory energies like oil and water; heat and cold; and emotion and logic, respectively.

It's like taking a container of frozen food straight from the freezer and putting it immediately into a hot oven. At best there will be condensation (tears) and at worst your container will crack (an emotional meltdown). Understand that this is a condition of the environment rather than about you personally. Therefore, don't start descending into self doubt or depression. Simply step back from the situations causing you stress and don't take it personally.

To add to the confusion, you will usually experience an inability to make even the easiest of choices; and furthermore you will second-guess the decisions you have made. The advice for managing this time is to put off making any major decisions, where possible, and to understand that the confusion you are experiencing is temporary and will pass when you move into your Personal Seven Year in the January.

Personal seven year
This is a year for withdrawal, reflection and some serious study. It is a time for you to focus on your inner life and personal development. You will be more analytical, investigative and critical than usual. This is fortunate as it is a time to clinically and unemotionally assess your crop of beans and decide on a marketing strategy. Am I going to sell fresh beans, frozen beans or pickled beans? How do I go about doing this? What will the costs be? It is a year for thinking and planning and not an active year. Wait for the following more active year to implement your plans.

Personal eight year
This is your harvesting year. It is a time for productivity, activity and action. It is a so-called karmic year in that you will reap what you have sown - both 'good' and 'bad'. Although it carries all the connotations of reward it is not reward in the sense that you rub a magic lamp and a genie appears to grant you your every wish. You have to get into those bean fields, pick those beans and get them to market as soon as possible.

Many people make one of three mistakes in their Personal Eight Year - mistakes that compromise the year of its value. One mistake is to be inactive, believing that rewards arrive on magic carpets with little or minimal effort. A second mistake is to leave the beans on the stalks too long believing that the additional time will provide an even greater growth and reward. Instead, the beans either wither on the stalks or by the time the beans reach the markets in all their extra long finery, the timing is out of sync and the markets no longer need beans - even if they are extra length! The third mistake is that many people think of rewards only in positive terms and don't recognise that loss of a job can often be a reward in disguise, no matter how unrewarding it may appear at the time.

This is an ideal time to invest in large and long term investments; to purchase stocks and bonds; and buy property and businesses.

Personal nine year
This is a year of completion; a time to repay; and a time to give rather than to receive. It is a year of rewinding, reviewing, resting and releasing. It is not a time for remorse or regret. It is a year when you pull out the depleted bean stalks and let the land lay fallow. All too often only the emptiness or 'deadness' of the field and plants are seen instead of viewing it as a time of hibernation in preparation for the beginnings of new growth. Therefore it is not a mourning time but rather an opportunity for gratitude for what has been given, received and achieved.

It is a time to add nutrients and fertilizers into the soil in preparation for the Personal One Year of planting the following year. It is like an exfoliation year when all the old, dead and useless cells are sloughed off to reveal fresh, healthy, new skin. Like the famous JFK speech, it is a year when you ask nothing of the land and rather offer the soil something in return.

It is a year to look back on the past eight years and gain knowledge about what has worked and what has not worked or is no longer working. It is a time for releasing the useless, the tired, the worn out. It is important to distinguish between loss and release. The former implies needing to regain what has been lost whereas the latter implies that it has served its purpose and needs to move on and make way for the new.

Remember, your Personal Nine Year is a time for closing and completing projects, not commencing them. Thus, it is not the right time to start a new job, relocate to a new country or meet the love of your life. Everything will be temporary, impermanent and short lived in a Personal Nine Year. It is therefore not the appropriate time to buy new homes, businesses or even large appliances. Rather simply surrender to and savour the temporary nature of the year for, just as a rainbow remains in the sky for an impossibly short time, it is no less beautiful or inspiring.

Personal one year
And the cycle begins all over again ...

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What's Stopping Me From Being Who I Am?

What's Stopping Me From Being Who I Am?

By being aware of your most vulnerable point, you can turn this into a positive strength. Lee Thomas shows you how to do this in her Achilles Heel Consultation.

So what constitutes an Achilles Heel? It's quite simply a lack of awareness of both your strengths and your weaknesses - and this lack of awareness is what makes you vulnerable, not the vulnerability itself. For, whatever you deny or suppress is expressed unconsciously and often in an unmanageable way. The Achilles Heel consultation is designed to develop you as a conscious but non-judgmental witness of yourself.

Through awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, the latter can be converted into strengths and you will also prevent your unknown and thus unused strengths disintegrating into weak spots. Also, what is considered a positive in one situation can be viewed as a weakness in another. It all depends on your viewpoint or the current situation.

Therefore, in your consultation, Lee shows you how to be aware of your wounds and weaknesses. She reveals your personal Achilles Heel to you and explains it in terms of the way you behave in certain situations and in each and every relationship in which you engage, whether it is in the role of business, friendship, partnership, romance, marriage or parenting. She thereafter provides you with a list of specific scenarios to help you become aware of particular situations that can trigger your vulnerabilities; and a list of goals designed to maximise on your strengths.

By becoming more aware of those instances where you are unprotected, you can take steps to strengthen yourself whenever you find yourself in one of those situations. You will learn how to accept yourself, to embrace your vulnerabilities and convert them into positive qualities. Awareness is the starting point. This is achieved through revealing, clarifying and confirming the aspects of yourself that you already know but have chosen to forget, forgo or deny. Thereafter, managing yourself, instead of seeking to eliminate or cure any weaknesses, provides the key to the healing processes.

The concept of an Achilles Heel is derived from the story of Achilles, a Greek demi-god and hero of the Trojan War, depicted in Greek mythology. According to the myth, Achilles' mother dipped her son in the River Styx to make him invulnerable. However, by holding him by the heel, this part of his body was left unprotected, and thus liable to be wounded. Achilles matured into the most formidable and mighty of the Greek warriors. His fleet-footed strength was legendary. However, at the end of the Trojan War, the Trojan hero and arch rival of Achilles, namely Paris, killed Achilles. He did so by first wounding him with a single arrow, shot through his Achilles tendon.

Being conscious or aware will help you to accept yourself 'warts and all'. Awareness and self acceptance are the keys to confidence, trust and inner strength.

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With Whom Am I Sharing My Life?

With Whom Am I Sharing My Life?

Through the analytical tools of numerology, Lee Thomas can provide you with valuable insight into all of your relationships - family, friends, spouses, lovers, colleagues, bosses and business partners. In her relationship analysis consultations, Lee will reveal the natures or personalities of the significant people in your life, and explain the attraction, connections and conflicts you experience within these relationships.

Instead of wasting time on the impossible task of changing the mirror, we need to rather work on changing the reflection in the mirror. This is achieved by providing you with invaluable insights into your significant others, thereby helping you to improve these relationships through a greater understanding and resultant tolerance of their characteristics and personality traits.

Relationships are designed to teach and test you for purposes of self discovery and soul development. All relationships serve as mirrors that reveal us to ourselves. So, through exploring and understanding your relationships with others, you will also indirectly gain invaluable self-awareness.

In fact, as your relationship with yourself deepens and becomes more realistic, your relationship with others will also improve. You will begin to understand why you respond or react to certain people in a particular way, and why you gravitate towards different types of people and choose to include or exclude them in your life's journey.

A numerological analysis or personality profile can distinguish if that special someone in your life is a twin soul, soul mate or romantic mate. This distinction will indicate the nature and purpose of your relationship and its particular area of teaching and testing. Other indicators gleaned through numerology and personality profiling are the so-called karmic connections and unfinished business between people. Knowledge of this assists you in deciding to pursue and persevere in a troubled relationship or to walk away without regret or remorse.

Many relationships characterised by on going and seemingly irresolvable conflict are considered to be karmic relationships. The root or conditions of the antagonism don't seem to relate to present day actions or 'cause and effect'. These relationship issues are thus seen as emerging from previous energies, incarnations or past lives, depending on your belief system. Numerology can identify these types of relationships and the reason for the eternal battle.

Once you become more conscious of the true nature of your significant other, you are able to accept them 'warts and all'; you no longer waste time trying to change their inherent nature; and you start loving them in an unconditional manner. This proves to be enormously liberating for both you and your loved one. This process starts with knowledge and understanding, both provided by numerology and personality profiling.

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What Can Numerology Tell Me About My Baby?

While you were pregnant, you probably spent a long time deciding on the choice of a name for your baby. This is perfectly normal - and especially significant if you realise that the name you choose is never a coincidence. Think about it... how, as the baby grows up, you notice how perfectly the name suits him or her, how it fits the child's personality and appearance exactly.

According to numerology, that chosen name contains important information about the baby's identity, his or her personality and character. It represents your child's destiny, which is chosen by the child's higher spiritual self. A numerological analysis of your baby provides pragmatic and practical insight and guidance about your baby's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects; all prior to its birth.

The analysis of the name chosen for your unborn baby serves as a scanning tool. While the ultrasound scans reveals your unborn baby's physiology that is hidden from view, the analysis of the name reveals its personality traits prior to birth and development. One could even be tempted to call it a 'soul scan'.

Expectant mothers and fathers all over the world often express a yearning to know the intangible elements of their baby's capacity for feeling and thinking over and above the physical developmental reports of its heart and brain. The selected name and analysis will reveal this to them and make them feel more relaxed about their baby's womb experience and potential future.

Knowing about your baby's temperament prior to its birth assists you as parents by preparing you for raising your baby according to its specific needs and priorities. This is particularly useful if it is your first baby or is completely different in temperament to the babies you have birthed and raised previously.

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What Can Numerology Tell Me About My Child?

As your child grows up, you will find yourself noticing more and more how perfectly the name you chose for them at birth is such a perfect match. This is no coincidence. Although it may be a difficult concept to grasp, according to numerology, the chosen name represents your child's destiny as it is selected by the child's higher spiritual self. This is why over time it proves to suit your child's character and appearance so perfectly.

A numerological analysis of the combination of your child's name and birth date is invaluable as it provides you as a parent with insight into your child's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. It will reveal his/her strengths, talents and gifts as well as his/her various challenges, undeveloped areas and unconscious fears.

The feedback you will receive from this analysis offers practical advice on the individual needs of your child including suitable types of schooling; relevant forms of discipline; dietary requirements; favoured extra murals; communication style - both listening and speaking; talent development and management of challenges.

A numerological consultation about your child can also include an understanding of how your child relates to his/her parents and other siblings; and how best to manage these inter-relationships, especially if there is the potential for conflict or opposition.

By being aware of the true nature of your child, rather than adopting a rose tinted view of what you would like him/her to be, proves empowering to both you the parent and your child. A deeper understanding of your child provides a pathway for greater acceptance, tolerance and compassion.

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